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श्री नाकोडा भैरव 

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं भैरवदेव पूजिताय, श्री नाकोडा पार्श्वनाथाये नमः 

This site is dedicated to the devotees of Shri Nakoda Bhairav Nath. This site seeks to spread the message of devotion to Shri Nakoda Bhairav Nath.

Lord Nakoda Bhairav is the divine guardian associated with the ancient Jain pilgrimage center of Sammed Shikhhar. He is worshipped before the beginning of journeys to avoid obstacles. Nakoda Bhairav protects us from evil powers, ghosts, spirits, etc. He blesses the issueless with sons and daughters and relieves us from the worldly. ties

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To book room at Nakodaji Dharmshala  dial- 02988240005


Cell : +91-9414108096

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